Obstetricians & Gynecologists

Aurora Diagnostics Pathology Laboratory provides the highest quality, customized gynecological services.

Please visit the American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology site for Consensus Guidelines: http://www.asccp.org/consensus.shtml


• Expert, board-certified cytopathologists
• Accurate diagnosis
• Consistent reporting among pathologists
• Participation in the CAP quality assurance program
• Correlation of Pap, biopsy and HPV results
• All malignancies receive quality assurance review
• Over 40 years of experience providing quality pathology services
• FDA-approved HPV testin


• ConnectDx connectivity solutions include:
  — Integration with your EMR and PMS systems
  — Intelligent data delivery process
  — Proactive management of electronic environment
  — Customized practice reporting

• Specialized services include Immunohistochemistry
  — ThinPrep® Imaging System for directed cytology
  — Monthly reporting for patients receiving abnormal Pap test results


• Access to cytopathologists for personal consultations
• 24-48 hr. turnaround time for biopsies; 3-5 business days for Pap & HPV testing
• Courteous and professional service
• Customized reports
• Daily specimen pick-up
• Knowledgeable field representatives
• Live client services, no automated telephone menus
• Ancillary testing performed from the Pap vial
• Automated hotline for patient Pap Test results
• Extensive insurance contracts
• Immediate telephone calls to physicians on all high-grade/malignant results

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