Manual: Consultation procedures

Description: Consultation specimens may be submitted to Pathology Laboratory for formal pathologist review and reporting. Specimens may be submitted as completed cases, with prepared slides and reports, or as cases requiring further testing, for example special stains. Consults may originate from the submitting clinician or by the pathology staff at other laboratories. Consult reports are sent to the requesting physician and the original laboratory.

Pathology Laboratory requisition form, slides, tissue blocks, slide mailers, packaging material.

1. Complete a requisition form.
White copy to the lab. Lack of data may result in specimen delay. Please include:
• Clinician name, location and date of service.
• Patient demographics: Name, address, phone number, date of birth and social security number.
• Insurance information: copy of insurance card(s) or face sheet.
• Relevant clinical history and symptoms.
• Requests for special stains, immunofluorescence, chromosome studies etc.
• List of submitted specimen(s) and the intent of the review.

2. Submit materials for review.
• Provide the original slides representing all aspects of all cases to be reviewed. Provide the tissue block if
additional testing is to be performed.
• Provide copies of all test requisition forms and final report results.

3. Package the materials so that breakage does not occur.
• Submit slides in slide mailers.
• Use padded envelopes or a box with cushioning filler.

4. Delivery options.
• In Grand Rapids, call for courier pick-up (530-1860) or place in our courier basket.
• Mail via courier of choice to: Pathology Laboratory, 2990 Franklin, SW, Grandville, MI 49418 according to our
business hours.
• Delivery via pre-established courier systems. For assistance in selecting the most appropriate option call,
(616) 530-1860.